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Klaussner furniture
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Bought a klaussner sectional and the construction of it is off. The pillows don't even line up in one area. I'm actually impressed on how bad they screwed up on the construction of this couch. Called the company and the customer service was terrible. The lady acted like she didn't have time for me. When speaking to the klaussner customer service rep all I could imagine was that the women I was speaking with was a hug fat bit** with a thick... Read more

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I purchased this chair 10-16-15 took a month to get it. Cost 799.00 and I am the only one who uses it. I weight 180 pounds and the chair is falling apart. The fabric is already wearing and there are some holes starting to form. The cushion is sagging and there is a wood frame section in the back that I can feel now. I didn't contact Klaussner it seems from the reviews there no point...Just my good money down the drain. Don't buy from this... Read more

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Klaussner - Review in Furniture and Decor category from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Worst sofa ever! Back cushions have pulled the fabric on the sofa and have fallen apart. They cannot be restuffed as there is no zipper or opening for the back cushions. The corner area seat cushion has sunk. You cannot get out of the sofa! Already had the support for the back of the sofa where it connects to he seating of the sofa fixed after only two years and $180 later! The stitching on the ottoman is coming apart. Worst spent money. The... Read more

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Klaussner is the worst company to deal with. Even worst than cell phone carries. The sofa I purchased from them is ***. 8 months and it looks like it is about 10 years old. We never use the sofa and for it to wear so poor is unacceptable. My sofa I had in college that I purchased from value city was ten times the sofa this piece of *** is. When you call to talk to customer service they know nothing and change there stories a hundred times.... Read more

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Purchase from Sofa Plus Fairfield NJ delivered - 6/28/2014 after 4 times the repair man (Tom Harrinhton) could not fix it. the one year warranty ran out and the couch was never fixed the cushions on the recliner - both sides; kept flattning out there was no support only polyester fill. first reported 10/29/2016 last reported 2/22/2016 really - 100 words- that is as rideculous as your warranty. beware and compare before you buy at kLAUSNER... Read more

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I purchased a sofa, loveseat, and recliner from DT McCalls Furniture and within 2 months the cushions stared sagging. Within 3 months the foot rest, head rest and seat on the end of the sofa was compressed 1 inch below the center section. The recliner seat is also compressed and it feels like you are sitting in a bucket. The love seat has only been sat in at Christmas time and one side of it is also compressed. DT McCalls acts like they don't... Read more

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I see many negative reviews for Klaussner, as I have owned my set for 12 years we spent over 3000. for this then, and it has been thoroughly beaten on and abused by 3 children from little to teens. Spills of all sorts have been done on our 3 piece set. We have a Sofa, Love seat and a large chaise. After about 6 years I began removing the cushion covers and washing them, it was that or purchase a new set. Even though we had it treated with... Read more

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This is the worst quality furniture I have ever owned! We bought a sofa, large chair and ottoman in October, and by December 20th each item has at least one broken piece It is just my husband and I; no children or animals living here other than a cat. It makes me sick that we spent all that money on new furniture and this is what we end up with. I will NEVER buy another piece of their furniture again and will most definitely advise others to... Read more

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Had these two sofas less than a year. Every time we sit on the sofas the seat cushions fall off the couch. Cushions are already misshapen and sagging. Called Ippolitos in Merdith, NH and was basically told to go pound sand. Junk! Don't buy anything with this name Read more

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Let me share one important point - I'm a furniture store owner in Pennsylvania who's been carrying Klaussner products since before it was called Klaussner (40+ years). I can speak from experience that standards of quality change through the years, and nothing lasts forever. That said, I will tell you with absolute integrity that Klaussner Furniture holds up better than most manufacturers' mid-level priced products. When things go wrong, and... Read more

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