Klaussner claims to have "Good Quality and Fine Workmanship Furniture" but don`t be fooled.You can get better from discount furniture stores that will last just as long, perhaps longer.

I recently spoke to Klaussner about the quality and workmanship on the furniture I purchased from Martins furniture 350 RT22 Greenbrook, NJ. I repeatedly had to call them from the day it was delivered for repairs,(staples poking out,buttons popping , material stretched too tight,causing slight tearing where seams were stitched together the recliner on the sofa is loose. They have since closed their store. The furniture looks terrible and its only about 3 years old I've also contacted an employee from your company.

Tina-1800-828-9534 for replacement buttons, that I received. My question to them was "Is this what you define as good quality and fine craftsmanship? I paid a lot of money for it and expected it to last a lot longer than a few years Their response, from the desk of Brenda Davis (bdavis@klaussner.com):need the bill of, sale. Sent it and Pics Thier response:we have reviewed the pictures and we can supply you with the buttons but you will have to pay for the labor.

the warranty is 2 yrs pass. I then responded with:e know its past the warranty date, however we thought we bought better quality furniture, for the price we paid. We could have gotten a full set, tables, lamps etc from Bob's discount or any other discount furniture store for half the price and it would have lasted longer than yours. The buttons are pulling threw from the the underside as well as the taring from the buttons on top.

It appears to be very poorly designed and we consider this a manufacturer defect.

Their final response was:I am sorry but the warranty is only a yr on this.They do not stand behind their claims don't buy anything the make!!!

Review about: Klaussner Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $2000.


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I'm not sure what "a lot of money" is, but, I think that's the problem.$600-$800 dollars for a sofa is not a lot of money.

You get what you pay for. I own multiple items from Klaussner and have had no issues with any of them, but I spent a good bit over a few hundred dollars. I also am so confused, the Raleigh location, is the ONLY Klaussner store, in the WORLD!!! I know that because I stopped in and bought from them and had my items shipped to my home in Maryland.

Ask anyone at that location and they will tell you-they are the only store with the Klaussner name! Just like any other furniture store, they have authorized retailers, so it seems that most of the people blogging and leaving comments ordered furniture through the authorized retailers.

If you have had a bad experience at a certain furniture store, it should reflect on the furniture store, not the manufacturer.

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #846939

I recently purchased Darcy collection-sofa, loveseat and accent chair; has not been delivered yet.Very concerned after reading these reviews.

Has anyone purchased this set or any piece?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.so sorry I did not read these reviews before buying from Klaussner.

to Darlene Suwanee, Georgia, United States #1084074

My husband and I have enjoyed our leather Klaussner sofas for seventeen years and they show no sign of wearing out.

New Castle, Delaware, United States #777661

Klaussner furniture is garbage and the owner, Barney Daly, is also a piece of garbage.His stores are closing left and right and he doesnt stand behind the cheap *** he sells.

Just threw out my Klaussner sofa and loveseat that I overpaid for, replacing with much cheaper American Signature pieces.

Barney, if you're out there, John and Karen said hello!

Oh, and thanks for responding to our emails, even though im quite sure you read them.:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Appleton, Wisconsin, United States #768942

Klaussner furniture is definitely not worth the price, and I spent a more than other family members who were buying furniture at the roughly the same time. When I first got it, I would say it was the most comfortable sofa and loveseat set I've ever had but it didn't last long.

Within a month of getting the pieces, (sofa) my boyfriend put his elbow into the side to move to a different position while watching television. The entire arm caved in, yes he was a strong guy, but seriously! The repairman came out to fix it and when he pulled the sofa apart it was merely cardboard and a layer of batting on the arms. Oh yeah, great thing I had a warranty I still had to pay for the service to have it "repaired" (cardboard pushed back out and fabric stapled back on), not sure what the warranty was covering on that one. Regardless, we try not to touch the arms now.

The frame is poorly assembled, no screws whatsoever, all staples. My tiny friend who was very pregnant at the time plopped down as pregnant ladies tend do and the rear section of frame pulled apart (she could not have weighed more than 140 pounds even then). My father reinforced it with metal brackets and hardwood as I wasn't about to spend money on a repair person just stapling things back together again.

I've had it 5 years and it sags pretty badly on the side that was not reinforced. Me and my young child do use it daily, but for the price I paid I would expect it to hold up far better. The cushions and material have all held up nicely with some fluffing, but the frame and components are CHEAP!!

My sister paid far less than half the price I did for a sofa at a local discount store and hers is still in wonderful condition and she even falls asleep and stays there all night frequently.

I love the look of the upholstered furniture of Klaussner, but when I start looking around again soon I won't be buying this brand!

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #671347

I just purchased two Loewy slipcovered Klaussner sofas from a nearby furniture store.I knew nothing about Klaussner until I began reading these reviews.

Has anyone purchased this style?

I am really worried now about how long they will last!The last time I bought a sofa was in 1998 and it held up for years!

to worried about purchase #774863

I love Klaussner furniture.I have two loveseats in chenille (Walker) and have had no problems in five years.

They are sooo comfortable and are still in great condition.I just ordered a sofa.

to worried about purchase #1084075

We've had ours for seventeen years and love it!

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #632066

You people who are complaining about Klaussner must have out-of-control bratty kids jumping on them like they are trampolines.I have owned a Klaussner stationary sofa for over 5 years and it looks as good now as the day it was delivered.

I don't have any kids though.

Just 2 cats and friends that sit on my furniture.It's not junk or garbage and when it wears out years from now I will purchase more Klaussner furniture.

to Debby-Doo New Castle, Delaware, United States #777665

This is definitely a response from one of the owners, or probably Barney himself. Anyone with half a brain would dismiss this comment altogether.

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