I have read some of the complaints lodged against Klaussner. In all fairness to the manufacturer, I believe the stores that have these complaints are selling the items that come from the facilities overseas.

I sell a tremendous amount of Klaussner furniture, both leather and fabric and I can tell you the pieces that come up from the Ashboro, NC facility (made down there) are quality pieces of furniture. The furniture made off shore of course is not manufactured like the pieces from Ashboro. The off shore furniture is less expensive, thus less expensive cushion cores,etc. Sales people should learn how to sell the furniture properly.

Consumers need to know how the furniture is made and where it is made so they can understand why pieces are less expensive and more expensive. There are several core densities that are available with the Klaussner products that come up from Ashboro, NC, not to mention the structural integrity of the piece. Yes, there are less expensive pieces but there is also the structurally significant pieces that I sell up in Morgantown, Penna. If anyone has any questions they would like answered about Klaussner products, please call me a (610) 286-2929 and ask for Mary.

I think Klaussner is a wonderful line, I put it in my own home and I live on it every single day. It has not failed me.

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So would you say that their products stand the test of time? Also since you do sell this product do you happen to know what the weight limits are for their recliner loveseats and sofas?

I can't seem to find that anywhere online. Thank you for your honest opinion.

How can you tell whether or not the product was made here or overseas?

I have just recently purchased a loveseat and am now seeing a ton of bad reviews and am just sick to my stomach that I made a huge mistake.

Any information would be very helpful. Thank you



Apparently you have not read the complaints that are listed on line. Klaussner apparently will sell furniture to any dealer out in the world.

My suit was made in NC and determined to be a manufactured defect after almost a year of dealing with their ignorant representative, Harry Morningstar. I had to report the Company to the Attorney General's office before any action was taken by this representative or Klaussner. Cindy Pierce went as far as calling me a liar on the phone before she found it was their error.

The suit as been replaced according to the manufactures warranty but now I am left with an ugliness that makes me dislike this suit because of the problems encountered. Because of Harry Morningstar, who owns Schier's Furniture in Chambersburg and Waynesboro Furniture Market in Waynesboro and Cindy Pierce at Klaussner I would never but another piece of Klaussner furniture.

to Fran Bristol, Virginia, United States #616742

I'm glad I found this site. I'm looking at buying a reclining sofa and found a Klaussner among others.

They're all in the same price range and style/design. However, after reading all of these reviews about the HORRIBLE Customer Service at Klaussner, there's no way I'm buying that one! Thanks, Fran. I believe CUSTOMER SERVICE is one of the top three reasons to buy anything.

And if they can be so rude to so many people, they'll never get the chance to be rude to me!!

Get it together, Klaussner!! Hire new CS people and stand behind your product.

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